21 Degrees L.L.C. is a Michigan based company where quality and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Hockey is a passion of ours and we put that passion into our products. Protecting your head is our job! 21 Degrees is dedicated to manufacture the highest quality products for our customers.

21 Degrees also specializes in replacement parts for the old NXI Phantom helmet.


Q – Does 21 Degrees LLC sell direct?
A – Yes! We do sell direct or through a couple retailers. All pricing is fixed and will be the same pricing no matter where you buy our mask or any accessory for the mask
(Series 21 equipment may very) 

Q – Do you customize fit or size any masks?
A – No, All our mask are stock in small, medium, and large. 

Q - Can I get a mask painted in a solid red, blue, purple etc.?
A – All our mask come stock white, black, or primed. If you know you are going to get your mask custom painted primed is the way to go.

Q – Does the Phantom mask come with a warranty?
A – Yes, The shell comes with a 1 year warranty against all manufacturer defects. These defects include fractures, cracking, or material chipping.

Q – Why is a high quality goalie mask important?
A – Safety! First you want to make sure your mask is HECC (if in USA) or CSA ( if you are in Canada) approved. You never want to sacrifice safety just to get a good deal. There are too many head injuries being had each year, and a quality goalie mask will help make sure that you or your child are safe while you play even the most elite hockey players with very hard shots.

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